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"Great style begins with great basics"
The Brand

Sweet Mellow is Scandinavian simplicity at it’s best and symbolizes a strong, powerful and independent look. It’s a smooth and comfortable basic wear, made of the world's finest Peruvian pima cotton. A person wearing Sweet Mellow feels comfortable and yet luxurious. Our target audience appreciates quality but does not want to spend huge amount of money on it. By using the internet as our sole distribution channel we are able to offer high quality to an affordable price. Furthermore, our targeted customer put great value in our environment and wants to minimize the environmental costs of creating clothes. Sweet Mellow think strong, smart and independent people who have an eye for details and recognize the value of high quality, and low environmental impact, will appreciate our brand.

The idea of wearing Sweet Mellow is that you can use your pima cotton T-shirts everyday, in bed, in the office, or together with your casual evening outfit. A Sweet Mellow T-shirt is a good investment for your wardrobe, buying sustainable clothes with a wide use for your everyday look, to an affordable price. 

Be part of the change - the slow fashion movement

Slow fashion is about buying better-quality items less often. Choosing clothes made of high-quality fabric and harvest with care, in styles and designs that are lasting instead of catering to the latest temporary styles. It’s the contrast to mass consumption, and our fast-fashion society where many consumers have the habit of buying new, cheap, low quality clothes each month. Sweet Mellow offers high quality basic wear with long durability to an affordable price. Our Sweet Mellow T-shirts are harvest with care and we want to encourage our customers to buy less and consume it for longer. We have worked hard to create made-to-last staples in luxe materials that can be worn all year-round, thus enabling our customers to be part of the slow fashion movement and create a sustainable lifestyle with a mindful consumption pattern.

Social Responsibility 

Sweet Mellow´s entire production chain reflects sustainable values. We believe that our t-shirts should be produced fairly and ethically and have, together with our subcontractors, therefore signed The Fair Labour Association´s Code Of Conduct. Companies that join the FLA commit to ten Principles of Fair Labor and Responsible Sourcing (and/or Production) and agree to uphold the FLA Workplace Code of Conduct in their supply chain. The Code of Conduct is based on International Labour Organization (ILO) standards, and seeks to protect the workers who manufacture the clothing enjoyed by consumers around the world. This includes making sure farmers are getting reasonably paid for their cotton harvest as well as the factory workers not working more than 8 hours per shift. We believe such actions will benefit the society at large.

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