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Pro´s of Pima

Just like coffee, cashmere and champagne the quality of cotton varies significantly. Thanks to near perfect growing conditions in Peru, extra-long staple lengths, and hand harvesting, Peruvian pima cotton is the world’s finest cotton, cherished for it´s extraordinary durability, softness and brilliant luster. 


The ideal place to grow

In order to grow extraordinary cotton, you need extraordinary growing conditions. Our Peruvian pima cotton grows lavish along the north costal valleys of the Peruvian state Piura, where the rich soil soaks up the right amount of moisture at near perfect equatorial temperatures. The farmers use bird waste as natural fertilizer, rich in nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium, which is collected on the islands along the coast.

Harvested with care 

Unlike most cotton, Peruvian pima cotton is picked solely by hand. This is not merely healthier for the environment, but also better for the cotton itself. Harvesting the cotton by hand reduces damage of the material and subsequently improves the quality. Furthermore, the carefully hand harvested Peruvian pima cotton results in a clear white shade of whole cotton, which feels soft and smooth against the skin. On the contrary, commercial industrial cotton tears the cotton fibers, creating a scratchy feel, affecting the softness of the final garment.


Long-lasting quality

With any natural fiber, the longer and smoother the thread, the softer feeling. Because the exceptional long staple, far longer than ordinary cotton, Peruvian pima cotton has a supreme softness and an extraordinary long durability and is highly resistant to pilling. This makes our pima cotton hypoallergenic, meaning it causes fewer allergic reactions, than any other cotton and is the best choice of garment for people with skin sensitiveness. 

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